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Light Play Workshop with Abercorn Secondary School

On Tuesday May 3rd we were delighted to host a collection of students from Abercorn Secondary School at Civic House for a lighting workshop led by Unit Studio. Working with Elie and Jo from Unit we used LED light pixels, batteries and toys to explore movement and place through creating long exposure photographs of light drawings. By utilising play we traced with light the movement of these toys and interactions – bouncing a ball, skipping rope, waving a fan and tossing a toy airplane.

Constructing the lights was very simple – just attaching an LED to a small battery which could then be taped to a piece of rope, a ball, a fan or even a pair of glasses! The students at Abercorn got very creative in how to play with different colours of lights and in exploring what kind of movement creates different patterns, traces and drawings.

Take a look through some of the amazing photographs the group made below!