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Civic Street Open Day – July 2nd

On July 2nd we are hosting our third Civic Street Open Day alongside our partners Bike For Good and Glasgow Tool Library.

For this Open Day we are looking at methods of creation and ecological thinking through making, examining, collaging and imagining. From insect identifying, seasonal cooking, printing with plants and lantern-making to ecology bike rides, tool-board building and screen-printing, we have a series of workshops and activities to get involved with.

Where: Civic Street, G4 9RH

When: July 2nd 2022, 11:00 – 16:30

Book via Eventbrite here.

All activities are free but some are ticketed so please check before arriving.




‘Seasonal Cooking’ with Donna Borokinni – Ticketed

09:45 – 13:00

Centering on the beetroot Donna Borokinni will lead a cooking workshop that explores seasonality and Scottish grown produce. Cooking and eating with the seasons promotes thinking about where our food comes from and what our cultural and ecological relationships are to it. During this three hour workshop you will learn to bake beetroot brownies, prepare fresh seasonal salads and chickpea burgers/ falafels. Vegetarian with vegan options available.

Donna Borokinni is the Food and Climate Action Community Activator for Glasgow Eco Trust and began their journey in community development more than 18 years ago. Donna believes in the power of food to be a tool for engaging people.


‘Public Pixels’ with Unit Studio – Drop-in

11:00 – 16:30

Looking at paper lanterns as vessels of hope, this workshop will create bespoke lanterns illuminated with LED light pixels. Fabricated from newsprint by folding, they will embody our individual wishes for Civic Street by writing and drawing on the lantern skins. Once made they will be installed inside Civic House, growing into a light installation from each attendee’s participation. This assembly of light seeks to represent a togetherness of the communities surrounding the Civic Street site and the aspirations for what the space could become. All materials will be provided.

Unit Studio are a creative studio of interdisciplinary artists based in Glasgow and London who explore the crossover between site-specific art, architecture and interaction design.


Insect Identification with Zoe Pearson – Ticketed

Insect Identification: 11:00 – 13:00

Insect Making: 14:00 – 16:00

Using simple tools such as magnifying glasses, jars and pooters Zoe Pearson will lead an Identification workshop of the insects who live at Civic Street – thinking about the area’s biodiversity and offering simple methods of naming to develop a greater ecological awareness of urban spaces in Glasgow. This workshop will run in the morning until lunch at 1 PM.

In the afternoon, from 2 – 4 PM,  Zoe will host an ‘insect making’ workshop, where we can learn how to make insect sculptures from willow branches that can be placed back into the green space at Civic Street – perhaps becoming homes for the insects themselves!


‘Civic Anthotypes: Archives, light, organic process’ with A+E Collective – Ticketed

Morning Session: 11:00 – 13:00

Afternoon Session: 14:00 – 16:00

‘We could say that history’s relationship to the present is morphological’

— Lisa Robertson

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll work with the past, present and future of Civic Street and its surrounding ecosystem through a playful and environmentally friendly form of photography: the anthotype. In a world of mass photography and the permanent carbon cost of data storage, the anthotype represents a more transient and precarious form of artistic production. Foraging for plants, berries and other matter from the Civic Street garden, we’ll experiment with sunlight, stencils, pigment and temporalities of exposure. These anthotypes will then begin a dialogue with the Civic Press archive through an exploratory process of collage, so that the language of civic history — from social clubs to co-operatives — is layered with the atmospheric, chemical phenomena of the present. In turn, these anthotype collages, combining words and image, will form letters to the future. As the collages fade naturally over time, they revitalise a morphological relationship between civic history and ecological futurity.

A+E is a group of creatives working in design, film, food and writing, coming together to awaken people’s imaginations and investment in a better World.


Launch of Civic Street Cycling Festival with Bike For Good – Drop-in

10:00 – 16:30 (various times)

Celebrating the launch of the Civic Street Cycling Festival (July 2nd – 16th) Bike For Good are hosting multiple activities and workshops across the day. There will be face painting, arts and crafts, food, smoothies, bikes to try out (including family e-cargo bikes), cycling taster sessions, free Dr Bike checks, printing workshops, a DIY workshop led by Glasgow Tool Library and more! There will also be a guided bike ride, leaving at 1pm, where we’ll see what grows around North Glasgow.

GET TICKETS HERE for ‘Ecology Bike Ride and Foraging Picnic North Glasgow’ at 1 PM

You don’t need to be a cyclist to take part. Everyone’s welcome, just pop along for our coffee morning from 10am to chat to us and see if there’s something here for you.

Check out our programme for the day here, and you can also see what’s happening across the community festival (2nd – 16th July).



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