Civic Street

A project focused on creating inclusive and vibrant public space

2/4 Cycling and walking

There are many cycling and walking routes converging at Civic Street – some existing and some planned for the near future. We hope to enhance links between these routes and create a ‘Civic Street Cycle Hub’ to support events and activities that encourage walking and cycling in the area.

Current Issues Highlighted

  • Vacant sites are overgrown, unwelcoming, dark and feel unsafe
  • Shared pathways are in poor condition and narrow
  • Turn leading on Garscube Rd overpass is overgrown, dark and difficult to navigate
  • Lack of urban furniture to encourage activity - such as cycle parking and seating

Proposed Interventions

  • Improve pathway surfacing, widening of key routes and expansion of turning radiuses
  • Improved connection to Garscube Overpass by landscaping and path enhancement
  • Introduction of cycle parking and bike maintenance facilities, seating, improvement of existing fencing
  • New green landscaping along paths with development and maintenance plan

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