Civic Street

A project focused on creating inclusive and vibrant public space

3/4 Green spaces

The lower ‘Garden’ has been left vacant and overgrown for over 15 years – impacting the experience of people using the footpaths that surround the site. It presents a unique opportunity to create a public green space that can host community-led growing activities and enhance biodiversity for the area.

Current Issues Highlighted

  • Overgrown space with poor maintenance and issues of anti-social behaviour and drug use
  • Presence of invasive plant species across the site
  • Immediate area lacks quality green spaces
  • Fly tipping and casual waste pollution across the site

Proposed Interventions

  • Improvements to landscaping with native species and creation of wildflower meadows
  • Habitats for wildlife - birds, bees and other insects
  • Creation of mini allotments for growing food and education

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