Civic Street

A project focused on creating inclusive and vibrant public space

1/4 Street redesign

Civic Street has the potential to be a welcoming and vibrant public space. Currently the street and pavement design present many challenges – please let us know any other issues you would like to highlight, and ideas for interventions you would like to see:

Current Issues Highlighted

  • Pavement along east edge is not wide enough for wheelchair users, with multiple obstacles (lamps, parking meters, changes in level).
  • There is no pavement along west edge
  • Parking spaces along west edge are not compliant, with no provision of Accessible Parking
  • No ramp access to Civic House for those who require step-free access to use the facilities.

Proposed Interventions

  • Re-organise parking provision - introduce accessible parking spaces, dedicated space for service vehicles, provide EV charging point.
  • Reduce vehicle access to southern end of street - prioritising pedestrian access and allowing social activity on the street
  • Create a clear route for pedestrians and cyclists to travel north / south along Civic Street.
  • Create ramp access to Civic House with a terrace for outdoor seating
  • Introduction of greenery, planting, improved way-marking and signage.
  • Creation of cycle parking and charging points for visitors and passersby

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